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Holt Road is on the left-hand side of 125/Osgood St. in North Andover (heading
toward Bradford/Haverill).

After passing the Loft Restaurant on the left, there are 2 farm stands just before
the turn.

Clark St. is at the end of Holt; WLS is directly across from a stop sign.
Mission Statement
Magswitch Manhole Cover Lifter

Scott B. Lindquist, President

Andrew S. Lindquist, Sales
AWWA C515-09
AWWA C502-94
Installation/Operation Manual
Hydrant Flags
With our great wealth of experience, we provide
vast product knowledge, competitive pricing, and
unmatched trouble-shooting ability. If you have any
questions regarding our line of products, we have
the know-how and the get-done attitude. Give us a
call or fax today.
Worcester MWWA Show
14"-24" United Gate Valve
(Horizontal Installation)
14"-24" United Gate Valve
(Vertical Installation)
We have an extensive hydrant inventory on site:
WLS Brochure
Something New and
Improved from Smith-Blair
C515 OS&Y Gate Valve
7700 Swing Check Valve
8700 Swing Check Valve
United's Indoor Hydrant and Gate Valve Depot
C515 UL Listed 2.5 - 12 inch Schematic
C515 UL Listed 14 - 24 inch Schematic
United Series 2000 Gate Valves meet and/or
exceed pressure ratings and number of turns to
open for both AWWA C515-09 and C509-04.
Scott Lindquist and his affiliated companies are
the 17th registered member of the New
England Water Works Association. As of this
year, Scott celebrates 46 years of
membership. In addition Scott was also
recognized by the Massachusetts Water
Works Association for being a committed
member for 30 years.
Scott, along with his affiliated companies,
have been a longstanding member of
UCANE for many years and looks forward
to reconnecting with his fellow members
and friends.
Water Line Supply Visits UL Testing Facility
Surplus Inventory
Priced to Sell
United Fireflo Model F-06 Tools
Repair Kits & Extension Kits
*Fully Compatible with Mueller® Super Centurion™
and the U.S. Pipe Metroflow™/M-03
Thank you to the town of Billerica
1st Delivery
2nd Delivery
210 Fireflo F-06 Fire Hydrants
delivered to the town of Billerica
(and 100 on order)
Straight-job deliveries available
AWWA Product Information
      Water Works Products

  • AWWA Gate Valves
  • AWWA Hydrants
  • AWWA Check Valves

      Fire Protection Products

  • OS&Y Valves
  • Post Indicator Valves
  • Vertical Indicator Post
  • Wall Indicator Post
  • UL/FM Swing Check Valves
New, Expanded United Fire
Hydrant Tools & Kits Poster
PDF 2" - 12"
NRS Resilient Seated Gate
Valve PDF 14" - 24"
F-06 Troubleshooting Guide
Features and Benefits
Submittal Sheet
Enlarged Poster
< All F-06 upper and
lower barrels - including
base - are manufactured
out of ductile iron.